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A seperate forum for the Pokemon Fighters Guild, mainly for avid forumers and all fans of pokemon.
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The Pokemon Fighters Guild was started on Guild Wars July 13, 2007. The school year before, my freshman year of highschool, there was person that constantly picked on me for liking Pokemon. To him, I was the only one "keeping Pokemon in the United States", and he constantly reminded me about that thought. The reason I mention that is because, although I often do not like to admit it, it was because of what he did that year that lead to my inspiration to create PFG, to create a place where someone who likes Pokemon can turn and be met with friendly faces when faced with similar oppression, and I first sought to do that on Guild Wars, figuring the best way to start an impact was a place where there's little influence of Pokemon. As expected, there were people who bashed and trolled, and one particular one I remember said that PFG would never get more then ten members, how I wish I remembered his screen name. But, among the adversity, there were also people who were indifferent or supportive. About a week later, a friend of mine who was in the Guild Wars guild told me about Xfire, and being curious, I checked it out and signed up. When Xfire updated to where they had a clan/guild/etc. system, I pounced on an opportunity to expand PFG, creating the Xfire guild on December 17, 2007. Since then, the Xfire guild has been the main center of PFG, allowing expansions into World of Warcraft, Blizzard's battle.net servers, and other games. There were also attempts to make forum boards, but, the one currently here now, made on August 23, 2009, has been the farthest succeeding one, and hopefully will last as long as PFG will.


~Warrior Rapter